Envision the Susquehanna

Our Focus

The mission of Envision the Susquehanna is to protect, enhance, and promote the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Susquehanna River watershed, to support community-based solutions to conserving the watershed and its most critical landscapes, and to encourage synergy of such efforts locally and regionally.

The Vision

Kindle the remarkable beauty, habitat, and history that embodies the Susquehanna River into a spectacle that will remain for generations to embrace.

Five Themes

Hone work efforts on American Indian Heritage and History, Wildlife Habitat, Stormwater and Flooding, Recreation and Access, and Working Lands.

Community Engagement

Investigate what communities around the Susquehanna watershed hold of interest and value so that efforts reflect community best interest.

Data and Resources

Ensuring that decision-making is rooted in the best available science, and delivering innovative datasets to our partners working on the ground.