Envision the Susquehanna is a collaborative initiative that invites communities and individuals to get involved in creating a common vision for the Susquehanna River that focuses on environmental integrity, economic development, cultural engagement, and outdoor experience.


Over 27,000 square miles in area, the Susquehanna River watershed offers countless opportunities to explore ancient cultures, historic towns, picturesque waterways, unique geological features, and rich wildlife. Explore Now.


The Envision the Susquehanna initiative wants to hear from you! Watch for opportunities to share your priorities for the river with us and to participate in volunteer events and festivals. The future of the Susquehanna is in your hands. Take Part Now.

Protecting Water Quality with GIS

Bucknell students partnered with local farmers and organizations to defend…

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Chesapeake Conservancy Releases Virtual Tour of the Susquehanna River

The Chesapeake Conservancy has released a virtual tour of the…

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River Access Groundbreaking at Jersey Shore, PA

The historic town of Jersey Shore is located within PA…

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Re-indigenizing the River

Hickory Edward’s epic quest down the Susquehanna River Dr. Katherine…

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