ETS Media and Communications Team

June 24, 2016




The mission of the Susquehanna Media and Communications Team is to raise awareness of the

environmental, historical, cultural, and natural resources of the Susquehanna River watershed; to

promote the health of and recreational access to the Susquehanna River watershed for future

generations; and, to fulfill our responsibilities to the natural world as stewards thereof.




The Susquehanna Media and Communications Team will achieve this mission by:

1. Creating an interrelated network of communications including radio, television, film, internet,

and print with consistent and complementary messaging directed toward the general public

that educates the public on their connection to the Susquehanna and inspires stewardship of

the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the river and its watershed,

2. Mobilize the public to participate in on-the- ground stewardship as landowners, community

members, and inhabitants of the drainage basin.


In so doing, the Media and Communications team will be supporting the conservation and

restoration goals of Envision the Susquehanna (ETS) partners.