Lower Susquehanna Conservation Interactive Analyst Tool

October 10, 2014

The Lower Susquehanna River Conservation Opportunities Analyst is the result of a study sponsored by The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and performed by Chesapeake Conservancy. The objective of the project is to provide an on-demand prioritization tool that balances multiple conservation needs along the lower Susquehanna River corridor. A number of conservation organizations operate in this area with a variety of goals. Some are interested in the historical resources of the region, some on creating public access, and some on wildlife and habitat protection. While each objective is important, to create a region-wide conservation planning effort, a tool such as this one is needed to balance each interest and identify areas that can provide a multitude of benefits.

This tool is meant to provide an overview of the resources and priorities along the lower Susquehanna River to help policy makers and the public identify opportunity areas for conservation investment. The tool incorporates:

    1. Historical and Cultural Resources
    2. Priority Habitats
    3. Ecological Connectivity
    4. Proximity to Existing Public Lands
    5. Proximity to Existing Public Access Sites

Slide the bars for each of the five categories to set its relative weighting then click “Compute Opportunity Areas” to run the analysis. Click and drag the map to move around and double click, use the scroll wheel on your mouse, or use the zoom bar on the left to zoom in and out.