Upper Susquehanna water trails resources

July 17, 2017

Upper Susquehanna Water Trails Stakeholders Working Group

Upper Susquehanna water trails stakeholders are outlining a strategy to improve trail continuity for paddlers, helping to connect people to the Susquehanna and inspire conservation stewardship of the river and its watershed. In order to encourage people to use the water trails safely, trip planning materials and wayfinding signs need to be robust (with information on dams, portages, access sites and amenities) and ubiquitous (easy to find during trip planning, and visible along the water trail). Neither the Susquehanna nor the paddlers on the river are bounded by political boundaries; therefore, efforts to support the paddling experience need to have continuity across jurisdictions. Through long-term, sustainable outdoor recreation programming, the River will continue to be an important resource to local communities, their residents, and their economies.

Key activities:

  • Creating and distributing printed paper water trail maps for 283 miles of the Susquehanna from Cooperstown, NY to Berwick, PA
  • Developing a one-stop online resource with trip planning information
  • Fabricating and installing wayfinding and hazard signage along the water trail
  • Coordinating the National Park Service Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail to draw national attention to the recreational opportunities offered by the upper Susquehanna
  • Supporting local economies by driving asset-based recreation
  • Cultivating a culture of stewardship by encouraging the exploration and appreciation of the Susquehanna and its watershed
  • Hosting river-wide celebration event for the Susquehanna

Existing resources:

Selected meetings:

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